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Beach Bag Basics 101

My huge LL Bean canvas bag with our last named emblazed on the side sits at the bottom of our hallway closet most of the year.  Empty albeit for a few smaller bags tucked inside, most of its use comes in the form of summer outings to spray parks, the beach, or the relatives’ pool.

A trip to my friend’s beach house last August illustrated the importance for the pre-packed beach bag.  Getting ready for a day, weekend, or even longer trip requires packing all the right things for my husband, my two year old – plus myself.  But I  always forget at least two or more things.  Last August was no exception – this time I forgot a baby hat, chapstick, and a beach cover up. Nothing too monumental as it was easy enough to spray the baby’s head with SPF 30 & wear my shorts/t-shirt when it got cold, but the chapstick was another story.  My husband’s only other option was sticky colored gloss – not so appealing to him…

This year I resolve to never forget an item again!   I got a chance to finally pack that bag full of every item I needed for many a fun-filled beach adventure.  It was great!  I just grabbed it out of the closet – put it in the car and away we went.  Not only was it quicker to get ready for the beach – but it also made for a faster unpacking time.  The beach bag went right back to its place in the closet and I was done!

Here’s a list of “essential” items that are in my bag.  Give it a try!

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Chapstick/lip balm
  3. Hats for each member of the family
  4. Cover up
  5. Beach towel
  6. $20 – just in case you want to leave your wallet in the car
  7. A plastic back full of napkins, cups, and utensils
  8. Wine key with bottle opener

Have a great summer!